Câu hỏi: How To Reduce Traffic Accidents In Vietnam?

What is the most effective way to reduce the traffic accidents?

Preventing accidents is easy when you know what to do.

  1. Develop the right attitude about driving.
  2. Get as much supervised practice driving as possible.
  3. ALWAYS wear your safety belt.
  4. Underage drinking and drug use is illegal.
  5. Limit your passengers.
  6. Limit your night driving.
  7. Keep it slow and safe for starters.

How government can reduce road accidents?

1. Steps to be taken for Preventing Road Accidents • Most important method to bring down accidents is strict enforcement of speed limits. 90 % of accidents can be avoided by strict enforcement of speed limits. Heavy Penalty should be imposed on ALL those who cross speed limits.

What are the main causes of road accidents How can accidents be prevented?


  • Drive in the prescribed speed limits on the various roads.
  • Always put on helmets, seat belts and other safety equipments before driving a bicycle/ motor cycle/vehicle.
  • Do not drink and drive.
  • Never use mobile phones or ear phones while driving.
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How many traffic accidents are there in Vietnam?

Viet Nam: Road Traffic Accidents According to the latest WHO data published in 2018 Road Traffic Accidents Deaths in Viet Nam reached 22,676 or 4.44% of total deaths. The age adjusted Death Rate is 23.21 per 100,000 of population ranks Viet Nam #66 in the world.

How can we prevent road deaths?

Improvements in traffic law enforcement can lead to rapid reductions in deaths and injuries. Requiring drivers to obey the speed limit, yield to pedestrians and cyclists, wear seatbelts, avoid drunk driving, and use child restraints can have a powerful impact on changing road user behavior.

How can we reduce road traffic?

The one-hit solution

  1. Widen roads.
  2. Narrow roads.
  3. Add bus lanes.
  4. Remove bus lanes.
  5. Build tunnels.
  6. Build a new ring road.
  7. Build a light rail network.
  8. Switch off traffic lights.

What are two main causes of accidents?

Causes of Road Accidents

  • Over Speeding.
  • Drunken Driving.
  • Distractions to Driver.
  • Red Light Jumping.
  • Avoiding Safety Gears like Seat belts and Helmets.
  • Non-adherence to lane driving and overtaking in a wrong manner.

Why is road safety important?

Road safety is something important that has to be followed at all times to ensure the safety of the operators of a vehicle, passengers, and pedestrians. In fact, road traffic injuries are the leading cause of death among people aged between 15 and 29 years.

What is the major cause of accidents?

MAIN CAUSES OF ROAD ACCIDENTS AND ACCIDENTAL DEATHS Not wearing helmets or not using seat belts – more than 80% of road accident deaths are due to the head injuries. Drunken driving or driving under the influence of drugs. Over loading of vehicles. Use of mobile phones or ear phones while driving/crossing the road.

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What are 4 main causes of accidents?

Following are eight of the most common causes of accidents in the workplace:

  • Lifting.
  • Fatigue.
  • Dehydration.
  • Poor Lighting.
  • Hazardous Materials.
  • Acts of Workplace Violence.
  • Trips and Falls.
  • Stress.

What are the 3 factors that cause accidents?

Cause factors can be grouped into the following categories:

  • human factors/personnel error.
  • malfunction or failure of aircraft structures, engines, or other systems.
  • deficient maintenance.
  • hazardous environment involving weather, volcanic ash, birds, etc.
  • air traffic management errors.
  • any combination of the above.

How can we prevent home accidents?

How to avoid accidents in the home

  1. Clean up spills immediately.
  2. Secure rugs.
  3. Beware of where you put hot liquids.
  4. Install grab bars in the shower.
  5. Check your hot water heater.
  6. Keep electronics away from water.
  7. Check your basement and garage.
  8. Keep guards on all tools and store out of reach.

Which country has most accidents?

New Delhi: With just 1 per cent of the world’s vehicles, India accounts for 11 per cent of the global death in road accidents, the highest in the world, according to a report by the World Bank. The country accounts for about 4.5 lakh road crashes per annum, in which 1.5 lakh people die.

What state has the most car accidents?

Here are the 10 states with the most fatal car accidents:

  • Texas (3,305)
  • California (3,259)
  • Florida (2,915)
  • Georgia (1,407)
  • North Carolina (1,321)
  • Pennsylvania (1,103)
  • Ohio (996)
  • Tennessee (974)

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