Độc giả yêu cầu: How To Reduce Traffic Jam In Vietnam?

How can we solve the problem of traffic jam?

The one-hit solution

  1. Widen roads.
  2. Narrow roads.
  3. Add bus lanes.
  4. Remove bus lanes.
  5. Build tunnels.
  6. Build a new ring road.
  7. Build a light rail network.
  8. Switch off traffic lights.

Why is traffic so bad in Vietnam?

Too many of Vietnam’s roads are too narrow with too many potholes. Many roads are so narrow that cars and trucks are forced to drive in the middle of the roadway. When automobiles meet an oncoming vehicle, it’s the motorbikes and bicycles around them who are forced off the road.

What can be the causes of traffic jam in Ho Chi Minh City?

According to the report of Department of Transportation of Ho Chi Minh City (2016), there are 04 main reasons: the increase in mechanical population; uncontrollablyincrease ofquantity of means of transport; unbalanced urban development; and slow transport infrastructure development.

How do I stop a heavy traffic jam?

How to Avoid a Traffic Jam

  1. Avoid Periods of Rush Hour. You know when rush hour traffic takes place, so why drive in it?
  2. Learn Alternative Routes.
  3. Plan Ahead.
  4. Stay Calm.
  5. Always Practice Safe Driving Techniques.
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What is the solution of heavy traffic?

Perhaps the most effective way to reduce city traffic congestion is also one of the simplest solutions: Carpool! Carpooling reduces the number of vehicles on the road, which helps to reduce traffic issues. It also has the benefits of reducing emissions and wear and tear on city streets.

How can we prevent traffic?

What Is the Best Solution to Prevent Traffic Congestion?

  1. Cell phones.
  2. Building highways/motorways/flyovers or painting bus-lanes.
  3. Car clubs or car sharing/pooling.
  4. The only long-term solution is no private vehicles.
  5. A longer long term solution.
  6. Better information.

How does traffic work in Vietnam?

The sense of participation in traffic of Vietnamese is poor. Vietnamese people go fast, cross the red light. When being stuck at congestion, most people ride their motorbikes on the sidewalk rather than waiting, or constantly use horns to hasten riders in the front, even shouting at them from time to time.

Is traffic in Vietnam bad?

Traffic in Vietnam is chaotic. Traffic accidents occur frequently. The most common victims are motorbike riders and pedestrians. At least 30 people die each day from transportation-related injuries and many more are injured, often with traumatic head injuries.

How do traffic problems affect tourism industry in Vietnam?

The WB report quoted a survey which found 42.7 percent of international visitors to Vietnam said unsafe traffic was among the worst travel experiences, while 24.7 percent said they were cheated by tourism businesses. 22.4 percent of foreigners complained of trouble with local vendors, it added.

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Is traffic a serious problem in HCM City?

Traffic jams have been a huge problem in Ho Chi Minh recent years. It happens daily trapping hundred thousand of vehicles, wasting time and billions of money, causing problems in all aspects of the society.

Why is traffic congestion a problem?

Traffic congestion has a number of negative effects: Wasting time of motorists and passengers (“opportunity cost”). As a non-productive activity for most people, congestion reduces regional economic health. Stressed and frustrated motorists, encouraging road rage and reduced health of motorists.

What’s the best app for avoiding traffic?

Top 10 Traffic Apps for 2021 | Android & IOS

  1. Waze. The most well-known traffic app is free and perhaps its biggest draw is the real-time traffic information provided by users.
  2. Google Maps.
  3. INRIX.
  4. MapQuest.
  5. Apple Maps.
  6. Traffic Spotter.
  7. USA Traffic Cameras.
  8. TomTom GPS Navigation Traffic.

What causes traffic in urban areas?

Economic expansion, increased urbanization, the rise of ride-hailing services and e-commerce, underinvestment in infrastructure and mixed results from various policies and programs are seen as the primary trends that have exacerbated urban congestion in recent years.

How can we reduce traffic problems essay?

Some suggestions to solve the traffic jam problem are as follows:

  1. People should use public transport as much as possible.
  2. The government must increase the facilities of public transport as per the need of the population.
  3. Everyone should avoid the unnecessary collection of vehicles.

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