FAQ: How To Apply For Hong Kong Visa From Vietnam?

Does Vietnamese need visa to Hong Kong?

Is Hong Kong visa required for Vietnam citizen? Vietnamese citizens need a visa for travelling to Hong Kong.

How do I apply for a visa to Hong Kong?

You may apply for the appropriate visa or entry permit from the nearest Chinese diplomatic and consular mission [Note] (visit visa applications from Indian nationals should be submitted to the HKSAR Immigration Department direct).

Is Hong Kong issuing visas?

Visit Visa/Entry Permit Requirements and Applications Nationals of about 170 countries and territories may visit Hong Kong visa-free for a period ranging from 7 days to 180 days. Check this webpage to learn whether you need a visa or entry permit to enter Hong Kong for a visit or transit.

Can I apply Hong Kong visa online?

Hong Kong immigration policy states that citizens of India are required to obtain an approved Pre Arrival Registration (PAR) to enter the territory for short stays. This multiple entry electronic eVisa waiver is available through a simple online form and has validity of 6 months from approval.

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Are there any travel advisories which relate directly to Hong Kong?

Hong Kong – Level 3: Reconsider Travel. Reconsider travel to the PRC’s Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) due to both arbitrary enforcement of local laws and COVID-19-related travel restrictions. Read the Department of State’s COVID-19 page before you plan any international travel.

Which countries can enter Hong Kong without visa?

Holders of diplomatic or official passports issued by the following countries can enter Hong Kong without a visa for 14 days:

  • Angola.
  • Azerbaijan.
  • Bangladesh.
  • Burundi.
  • Cambodia.
  • Cameroon.
  • Congo.
  • Ethiopia.

What documents do I need for visa?

What Are the Supporting Documents Required for Visitor Visas?

  • Letter of invitation.
  • A photocopy of the information page of your passport.
  • One or two photographs of a specific size determined by the visa office.
  • Proof of financial support during the trip.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Airplane tickets.
  • Proof of purpose of travel.

How long does it take to get a visa to Hong Kong?

The processing time of a Hong Kong working visa is normally 4-6 weeks from the date of submission. Upon approval of the application, a two-year work visa will be granted. The applicant will then be allowed to apply a resident Hong Kong Identity card.

Can I transit in Hong Kong without a visa?

Transit Visa Required for Hong Kong Nationals of countries who require a consular visa for Hong Kong must have a visa when transiting through the HKSAR. However, if such foreign nationals remain in the airport transit area, they do not require a visa.

Does Hong Kong require quarantine?

Residents of mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan who have been in low-risk areas of mainland China for the past 14 days and have not visited any foreign country or Taiwan in the past 21 days are exempt from quarantine. 3

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Can I visit Hong Kong without a visa?

Nationals of about 170 countries and territories may visit Hong Kong without a visa, and can stay for periods varying from 7 days to 180 days depending on nationality. Nationals of the US, Europe, Australia, Canada and New Zealand don’t require a visa to enter Hong Kong for stays of 90 days, 180 days for UK nationals.

Which countries are visa-free for Indians?

India might have slipped to the 84th position this year, but Indian passport holders can still travel visa-free to 58 countries like Maldives, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Macao, Bhutan, Cambodia, Nepal, Kenya, Myanmar, Qatar, Uganda, Iran, Seychelles and Zimbabwe.

Can Indians get visa on arrival in Hong Kong?

No, Hong Kong does not offer the facility of visa on arrival for Indian passport holders. Indians can gain entry into the country only if they have completed Pre-Arrival Registration formalities.

How can I get PR in Hong Kong?

In general, the foreigners who have been living in Hong Kong for 7 consecutive years are able to apply for permanent residency (i.e. the “right of abode in Hong Kong”) after approval by the Immigration Department.

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