How To Play Maplestory In Vietnam?

Is MapleStory available in the Philippines?

Philippines’ players will be able to join MapleSEA starting from 7th March 2012! Asiasoft Passport and MapleSEA game account creation are open up to Philippines players starting 8th February 2012!

Can you still play the old MapleStory?

MapleStory is still alive and kicking Time to log in and relive some childhood memories, if you still remember your password, that is. Even better call up some of your childhood buddies and ask if they’re interested in a game of MapleStory or two over the weekends.

Can you play MapleStory in Japan?

TOKYO – April 10, 2019 – NEXON Co., Ltd. (3659.TO) (“Nexon”), a global leader in online games, today launched the official Japan service of its side-scrolling action RPG MapleStory M application for iOS and Android. As at 14:00, it has reached No. Let’s all relax and enjoy MapleStory M together!

How many people play MapleStory?

Well the worldwide Maplestory Player Count as of 2,567 (Approximately).

Why is MapleStory called MapleStory?

MapleStory is an online computer game made by the Korean company Wizet, and maintained and distributed by Nexon. MapleStory got its name from the maple leaf. Therefore, the game has the maple leaf item during events.

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Can I play MapleStory in Singapore?

MapleSEA stands for Maple Story South-East Asia where we service the South-East Asean countries of Singapore and Malaysia. MapleSEA is licensed from Wizet to Asiasoft Online.

How do I play MapleStory in Australia?

First of all, you need to download the Android VPN app from the Play Store or any other VPN page that allows this. Next, you must install and run the virtual private network app. Once you have followed these steps, you can continue by logging with your paid VPN account.

What happened to maplestory2?

End of Japanese and Global version services On March 18, 2020, MapleStory 2 Japan and West’s management team announced that the game’s Japanese and Global services respectively would be closed permanently as of May 27, 2020. The game continues service in Korea and China.

Is MapleStory going to shut down?

The closure of MapleStory 2 was announced on the MapleStory 2 website on March 19, 2020. According to the statement written by the developers, service will be discontinued and shut down completely on March 27, 2020.

Is MapleStory still popular in Korea?

Maplestory is now the 4th most played game in Korea behind PUBG, LoL, and Overwatch.

Is MapleStory popular in Japan?

The game has become very popular in Japan, boasting over 5 million registered users. MapleStory M (2019) MapleStory M is the mobile version of MapleStory developed by NEXON Korea Corporation (location: Korea). In Japan, MapleStory M achieved 1 million downloads within just a week of its launch.

What is the burning server MapleStory?

Burning World is a special world with special rules that will exist only for the duration of the Burning World event, filled with boosts to make it easier than ever to level up fast. While on Burning World, all characters will gain the special Burning skill, which grants the following bonuses: 1.5x EXP.

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What are the different MapleStory worlds?


  • Maple World. Maple World is the main realm of MapleStory and features dozens of unique and thrilling environments, each populated by distinct cultures with their own customs and histories.
  • Maple Island.
  • Ereve.
  • Victoria Island.
  • Aqua Road.
  • Ludus Lake.
  • Nihal Desert.
  • Mu Lung Garden.

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